Fatimah Babu Reveals Losliya's Untold 'Mynamma' Story!

  • 13 Jul 2019

Fatimah Babu is the first contestant to get eliminated in Bigg Boss Season 3.

After the news anchor got evicted, she revealed that this season's top contestant, Losliya, has a very beautiful 'Mynamma' story. The story, however, has not been featured on the show and many of Losliya's fans are curious to learn it.

Now, Fatimah Babu has finally revealed the cute story.

According to her, Mynamma was actually the name of Losliya's pet bird, which she had taken care of since the time it hatched. The bird was very attached to Losliya and used to follow her around everywhere.

Losliya is called Priyanka at home, and sometimes her mom shortens it and calls her as Piri. And Losliya's pet bird used to make a sound that resembled 'Piri'.

Despite being stolen many times, the pet bird always found its way back home. But sadly, it was killed by her neighbour's kid. According to Fatimah, Losliya misses Mynamma a lot and believes it will be reborn and return to her one day.

Listen to the complete story of Mynamma here:

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