Mohan Saved, Time to Say Bye to Vanitha?

  • 14 Jul 2019

Bigg Boss S3 has entered its third week, only four more contestants nominated to face the second elimination of the season. Mohan Vaithya has been saved after a quick prank by Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan yesterday!

The remaining contestants - Madhumitha, Saravanan, Meera Mithun, and Vanitha Vijayakumar - have been nominated for eviction this week; and unofficial public voting has shown that controversial actress Vanitha Vijayakumar has gotten the least votes.

Vanitha Vijayakumar is known to be one of the contestants who creates havoc in the Bigg Boss house. Her loud nature and inability to treat others well makes her one of the most hated contestants of the season.

However, she is also the reason why many still watch the show. Thus, losing her can affect the show's Television Rating Point (TRP) severely as the other housemates will not create as many controversies and problems as she does.

Despite being saved this week, Mohan Vaithya is another contestant who failed to capture viewers’ hearts. The musician is the oldest contestant in the house, and expects special treatment for his age. For some reason, many think he's deceitful and two-faced.

Former contestant Fatimah Babu, who was the first to get eliminated this season, accused Mohan of being fake. In that episode, he nominated Fatimah for eviction, but was seen crying to others when she was sent home.

Both Vanitha and Mohan were expected to earn the least votes this week. Since Mohan will be staying this week, does that mean Vanitha is going back home? 

Let's just wait and watch tonight! 

Photo Credit: Behind Talkies & YouTube