Radhika Apte: Why Stay With One, When We Can Choose Different Person Everyday

  • 13 Jul 2019

Radhika Apte is a famous actress who paired up with Superstar Rajinikanth in Pa Ranjith's Kabali. Besides working on South Indian movies, the actress has also played many prominent roles in Bollywood.

In a recent chat with Neha Dhupia's BFF with Vogue Season 3, Radhika spoke about her relationships, marriage and about her husband Benedict Taylor.

In the interview, she opens up about the temptations on-set and about resisting it.

"Sometimes it's physical attraction, sometimes it's merely admiring someone. It's a beautiful thing, and one doesn't have to resist that. Not only actors but even common people experience that. It's a part of our life," she says.

She further revealed that she falls in love with many people at the same time, on various levels and ways.

"I love dancing and singing at the same time. So, why can't I love a few people at once? I meet many wonderful people and I do fall in love with them. I don't punish myself for it."

In regards to monogamy, Radhika believes staying with just one person is a choice made every day. It is not compulsory, but a self-made decision.

The actress further spoke about her husband Benedict Taylor and revealed how lucky she is to have an understanding person like him in her life. Benedict is a famous musician and the couple got married in the year 2012. They have been living in a long-distance relationship for years.

Source: HindustanTimes
Image credit: BollywoodShaadis