Fathima Babu: Cheran's Behaviour With Losliya Is Inappropriate!

  • 09 Jul 2019

Fathima Babu is the first contestant to enter the Bigg Boss S3 and is also the first one to get evicted from the show with the lowest votes.

Following her eviction, the news anchor exposed the true character of some of the contestants in an interview.

According to her, Vanitha is the biggest problem creator in the house, who even tried to influence during the nomination process. She broke the show rules by publicly discussing the nomination even before the process is complete.

"I've confronted Vanitha directly, but she strongly believes all her actions are correct and constantly blame and find fault in others. She's just an arrogant st***d girl," she added.

Meanwhile, Fathima feels that Losliya is very genuine and adorable in person. She has a dream man, and no guys in the Bigg Boss house fit the bill.
"Losliya knows how to play the game while being truthful and not pretentious," says Fathima.

In regards to Madhumitha, Fathima unveils that Madhu is very expressive and closed-minded, who plays safe by preaching about Tamil culture. And now after getting the most votes, Madhu is convinced that her stand on Tamil culture and her actions towards Abhirami is correct.

When asked about the relationship between Kavin and Sakhsi, Fathima explains that they are not in love or in a relationship, but they merely want each others company to survive in the house.

Fathima further revealed that Abhirami already planned to find a man for her inside the Bigg Boss house.

"We shared the same caravan before entering the house, and Abhirami was already talking about finding a guy for her in the house. Once her proposal was rejected by Kavin, she ended up getting close with Mugen who only sees her as a friend. Sometimes, she even goes to the extent of crying and hurting herself physically," says Fathima.

Meanwhile, Fathima believes that Mohan Vaidya is just pretending and being fake in the house.

When questioned about the father-daughter kind of relationship between Cheran and Losliya, Fathima feels that the way the director behaves with Losliya is inappropriate.

"Even if you're the real father, you shouldn't have this much of physical contact with your daughter. This behaviour needs to stop," she says.

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