Hindu Woman's Heart-Warming Ramadan Tradition Melts Hearts

  • 01 Jun 2019

Vijayalechumy Shamugam, 54, is a Malaysian Indian woman who visits a surau in Ulu Klang every year during Ramadan with donations, bags of fruits and cordial drinks to offer Muslims for their breaking of fast.

She took up the habit of donating during Ramadan as a sign of respect to the faith of her late younger brother, who was a Muslim convert. In exchange, she asks the congregation to read a prayer for her brother and his late wife.

Her brother Abdul Rahman Abdullah passed away several years ago, followed by his wife.
"I love my brother a lot. We used to be very close and I miss him more during Ramadan and Hari Raya," she said.

She also added that two of her children are also Muslim converts, and she loves them all despite their faiths and beliefs. “It doesn’t matter which religion they practice, as long as they practice it wholeheartedly”.

This story was shared by a Facebook user who was impressed with her genuine way of showing love to someone she cares about. Netizens have started praising her for her heart-warming Ramadan tradition.
Here's the Facebook post:

Source: OhMyMedia

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