Is Malaysia getting more racist?

  • 17 May 2019

Anwar Ibrahim, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat president, says the there is growing racism among the three major ethnic groups in Malaysia. 

Anwar, who is expected to take over as Prime Minister when Dr Mahathir steps down, said the racist narrative that is creeping in is not just among Malays, but also among the Indians and Chinese. 

"This is not just about the Malays. Some people believe racist tools are only used by the Malays, but that's not true.

"There are also (racists) among the Indians and Chinese, and their narrative is excessive.

"They think that if its poverty, it is about Indians. Or if it is business, it is about Chinese businesses," he said during a news conference in Bangi.

Anwar, who used to head the Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) in the 1970s, said groups like those need to do more to foster national unity and country extreme Islamic groups which create division and unease among Malaysians. 

Do you think the major ethnic groups in Malaysia are getting more racist? Tell us your thoughts!

Source: Malaysiakini

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