Young Inventor's Life-Saving Invention Bags Gold

  • 07 May 2019

Haresh Varma Shan is a socially responsible inventor who recently won a gold medal for his invention dubbed 'LISA'.
Twelve-year-old Haresh designed a life-saving device which monitors and tracks the movement of toddlers or pets who are left in a vehicle.
Leaving toddlers or pets in a closed vehicle can be quite dangerous if they are left unattended, especially in hot weather. There have been many fatal incidents involving such situations.
Upon learning about one such incident, Haresh came up with the idea of inventing a device to alert a person that they need to give immediate attention to avoid any misfortune.
Haresh's noble intention to save lives has won him a gold medal at the i2CreaTE 2019, Invention, Innovation and Convention, and also at ITEX last year.
Haresh's father, Shan, has been conducting Young Scientist Classes for the past 9 years to cultivate an interest in science among kids.
It was revealed that the young boy's desire to become an inventor began at the tender age of seven when he looked up to children who shared the same passion as him in the class. He began inventing a few devices which kick-started his journey as a young inventor.
To-date, Haresh has created three inventions which bagged him 6 gold medals, 1 silver medal, as well as 'Best Inventor' award. Here's what our young scientist has to say about his inventions:

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