Physically Challenged Devotees Can Finally Visit Batu Caves Murugan

  • 10 Jan 2019

Every year, million of devotees visit the Batu Caves Murugan Temple to perform their vows by carrying milk pots or kavadis during Thaipusam.

Climbing 272 steps to visit the main temple of Murugan is definitely not an easy task even for the fit ones. But how about the physically challenged devotees?

It can be quite frustrating for these devotees with special need, as it can be nearly impossible for them to reach the Batu Cave main temple to get Murugan's blessings, especially during the grand Thaipusam celebration.

But 'Tamilan Uthavum Karangal' is determined to make a difference by assisting these devotees overcome this issue and help them complete their prayers.

Tamilan Uthavum Karangal is founded by Dr A Muraly, a recipient of Astro Uruthunai Award. Here's what he has to say about their initiative:

This year, 'Tamilan Uthavum Karangal' will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary Charity Celebration on 13th January 2019 @ 2PM by carrying over 200 wheelchair-bound devotees to the main temple.

Tamilan Uthavum Karangal's effort is definitely applaudable! Here's what they have done in the previous years: