Kannadi: "I'm Helpless When My Dad Suffers In Pain"

  • 26 Nov 2018

In EP3 of Kannadi, we are bringing the suffering of another family to light. 

The head of the house, Jayachandran, is a former State Champion of FFM Roti Canai Challenge Malaysia 2005. He used to make roti canai for a living, while providing for his family consisting of him, his wife and four schooling children.

However, his diabetic conditioned worsened for the past 8 months to the extent of getting bed ridden. Now, he's unable to work and support his wife and kids.

His wife Jayaletchumi works in a nearby restaurant and earns abour RM3O daily to manage their daily expenses. That is the family's only source of income for now.

Here's what the family is going through:

If you wish to help this family, you can visit them at No. A32, Legong Jaya, 71350 Kota Negeri Sembilan or you may contribute to them via

Don’t miss the EP3 of Kannadi on 2nd December at 9:00pm on Astro Vaanavil Ch201.

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