Kannadi: "I'm Helpless When My Dad Suffers In Pain"

  • 26 Nov 2018

In EP3 of Kannadi, we are bringing the suffering of another family to light. 

The head of the house, Jayachandran, is a former State Champion of FFM Roti Canai Challenge Malaysia 2005. He used to make roti canai for a living, while providing for his family consisting of him, his wife and four schooling children.

However, his diabetic conditioned worsened for the past 8 months to the extent of getting bed ridden. Now, he's unable to work and support his wife and kids.

His wife Jayaletchumi works in a nearby restaurant and earns abour RM3O daily to manage their daily expenses. That is the family's only source of income for now.

Here's what the family is going through:

If you wish to help this family, you can visit them at No. A32, Legong Jaya, 71350 Kota Negeri Sembilan or you may contribute to them via agathiarmalaysia@yahoo.com.

Don’t miss the EP3 of Kannadi on 2nd December at 9:00pm on Astro Vaanavil Ch201.

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