Get Rich & Attract Positive Vibes with Simple Vaastu Tips

  • 13 Aug 2018

The science of Vaastu adds value to one's life and brings in peace and prosperity. Behind every Vaastu tip, is a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow. 

Vaastu is about attracting positive energies, making sure everything in your home emits and attracts positivity. Preferably, choose homes that have east, north and north-east facing entrance. 

Secondly, small things like washing your hands and feet after coming home, lighting up your house when its dark can help bring in positive energies. Here are beneficial Vaastu tips for you to follow:

1. For a positive environment, ensure that the entrance is clutter-free and has ample space to move. Do not leave footwear around the main door of the house, as this is known to block the flow of positive energy.

2. The colour purple symbolizes wealth. Keeping purple plants like Orchids or purple-coloured pots indoor bring a lot of positivity.

3. Birds symbolize harmony, wealth and joy. To attract wealth and positive energy, keep a bird feeder in your yard or balcony and fill it with water and grains.

4. Thorny plants like cactus and other shrubs should not be kept inside the house as they attract negative energies. Avoid keeping artificial or plastic flowers or plants, instead decorate your house with real flowers. 

5. Vaastu suggests that placing clocks in the north or northeast direction will bring wealth and prosperity. Clocks are devices that according to Vaastu, energies a direction. Make sure that all clocks in your house are in working condition. It is said that slow or non-functional clocks symbolize delays or a stagnation in your finances. 

6. Fish tank or aquarium should be placed in the south-east direction of the living room or the north direction in other rooms, an aquarium can become the master key to harmony and success.

7. Money plant, which can also be placed indoors, is known to bring prosperity and good luck to your home. Keeping the money plant in a green vase in the north direction helps attract money and better career opportunities. A bamboo plant, or a painting of thick forest or lush green field brings abundance wealth.

8. Windchimes are known to bring money into your home. Hanging windchimes at the entrance of your home welcomes wealth while hanging them at the bathroom entrance prevents wealth from draining out. Avoid hanging windchimes over your head or where you sleep. This will bring negativity in your life.

9. Pick a painting of a waterfall, a goldfish or a flowing river. These paintings bring in wealth. For those looking for overseas career opportunities place painting of foreign currency, flying birds, racing bikes and cars.

10. Keeping Buddha statue at the main entrance is a divine way to decorate your home. Placing Buddha statue at the front door will safeguard you from negativity. It works well when the statue is kept towards East, facing sunrise. Also, do ensure that the statue is not placed on the floor. You should clean it on regular basis. 

11. Place a water fountain in the north-east direction of your house for harmony.

12. The bedroom should not be left in the dark; it should be well lit.  Avoid using dark colours on the bedroom wall. 

13. Place natural green plants or candles in the bathroom to remove negativity.

14. The bedroom should be planned in south-west direction to enhance the relationships.

15. The wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband.

16. Avoid sleeping in any direct arrangement with sharp corners. Sharp corners act as energy spears and create stress in the nervous system.

17. Place the study table of your kids in the east direction for improvement in studies.

18. Place a happy family photograph in the south-west direction in a yellow or golden frame for healthy family relations. 

19. Place a picture or painting of a rising sun, sunflower, waterfall, goldfish or flowing river to attract money. Paintings of endless straight paths and roads help you attract new job opportunities in life. 

20. Avoid poster of crying woman, war scene, angry person, owl and eagle as they are considered inauspicious. If you are having one of them in your home, remove it immediately.

21. Keep bowls of salt in several corners of your house. Salt is believed to absorb negative energy.

22. The tinkling of bells is believed to break energy patterns and help the inflow of positivity. So hang a couple of metal bells at your gate.

23. Do not keep medicines inside the kitchen as it is said to attract negative energy. 

24. Place a lemon or lime in a glass of water and change it every Saturday, to get rid of negative energy.

25. The main door should not make any kind of noise while opening or closing as it can result in mental tensions and cause of struggles.

26. Place a mirror to reflect your cash box or locker. It symbolically doubles your wealth and opportunities

27. Your house dining hall must never get exposed to the entrance door of the house

28. If you must have a mirror and a television in the bedroom, have them either on the left or the right side of the bed.

29. Green color proves the best for kids' room, as it is associated with freshness and peace and increases brain power as well.

30. Keep the doors of your toilet and bathroom closed most the time

31. The master bedroom should be painted in light color tones such as sea green, light rose, and blue.

32. Hanging crystals in the window stimulates energy. When the light of the sun hits them, they create the most beautiful rainbows; bringing prosperity to your house.

33. Make a string of mango leaves and hang them at the house to expel negativity. Change when leaves become shriveled up

34. Light lamps and incense at home each evening and morning. This acts as a cleanser, shooing away the negativity or any evil eye.

35. Fill a crystal or metal bowl with water and flowers and place it as the centre piece of your table in the living hall. 

Image credit: VaastuShastera & awesomeaj