Never Be Sick Again!

  • 22 Mar 2018

Home remedies have become increasingly popular as the expense and hassle of conventional medicine continues to rise. Beyond the convenience, home remedies have found a favor with the public who wants to take a more holistic approach to the ailments.

Protect yourself with all-natural remedies to prevent illnesses from taking you down. 

Check out the table below to keep yourself healthy at all times:

No Ailment / Illness Remedy
1 Headache Fish / Coffee
2 Fever Yoghurt
3 Cough Red Pepper
4 Diarrhoea Apples
5 High Blood Pressure Celery
6 Blood Sugar Imbalance Brocolli, Peanuts
7 Bone Problem Pineapple
8 Stomach Upset Banana, Ginger
9 Arthritis Red Onions
10 Insomnia Honey
11 Stroke Tea
12 Bladder Infection Cranberry Juice
13 Memory Oysters
14 Breast Cancer Cabbage, Wheat Bran
15 Ulcers Cabbage
16 Clogged Arteries Avocados
17 Low Blood Pressure Cinnamon
18 Sinus Horse Radish
19 Toothache Clove
20 Muscle / Joint Pain Ginger
21 Diabetes Celery
22 Kidney Stone Watermelon
23 Indigestion Pineapple / Fennel Seeds
24 Body Odor / Bad Breath Fennel
25 Heart Burn Apples
26 Leg Cramps Tomato Juice
27 Migraine Coffee
28 Back Pain Grapes
29 Ear Infection A Drop Of Garlic Juice
30 Constipation Prunes

Image credit: ConsiciousLifestyleMagazine and SpringsAdvertisers

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