Penang's Iconic Schools To Shut Down?

  • 21 Jun 2019

Three iconic convent schools - SK Convent Light Street, SMK Convent Light Street, and SMK Convent Pulau Tikus - located in Penang, will cease operation in 2024 due to reduced number of students.

Upon closure, the respective lands will be returned to its owner, Sisters of Infant Jesus Malaysia.

State education director Dr. Mahanom Mat Sam, who clarified that the teaching staff will be posted to other schools, however, could not tell if the schools will be relocated as they are privately managed.

"It is up to the Sisters of Infant Jesus Malaysia to decide if the schools will be completely shut down or relocated," she added.

The lands will be returned back to the owners in the year 2025. The landowner and the government have confirmed that the land will not be used for re-development. 

Previously, the 126-year old SK Pykett Methodist was reported to cease operation in 2019. 

Source: TheStar
Image credit: TheNarcissisticApe