Shocking Accusations of Abuse At Home For The Elderly in Seremban!

  • 18 Jun 2019
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A private old folk's home in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan allegedly starved its residents, locked them in their rooms for hours, made them drink urine, and even overdosed them on sleeping pills.

The authorities are now investigating after a video of a woman taunting a resident at the home went viral on social media. 

The 22-second video was posted on the Facebook page of a woman who claimed to be a staff member at the centre, yesterday evening. She also shared pictures, allegedly depicting abused and forcefully confined residents at the home.

In the video (click on image above to play), a woman believed to be a caretaker at the home, can be seen repeatedly taunting an elderly woman, while an elderly man watches from a nearby bed.

An accompanying photograph also shows an emaciated senior citizen sitting on the floor, almost naked, while the skinny leg of another person can be seen sticking out from underneath a nearby bed. 

The Facebook user claimed that residents were beaten, locked up, starved and even tied to their chairs by a female supervisor of the premise. 

Further claims include the residents being forced to drink urine and eat chillies, and being given sleeping pills above the prescribed dosage. 

According to the woman, some 16 deaths have been recorded at the home since 2017, which is an extraordinarily high number for a home which can only accommodate between six and 12 residents at any given time.

All the deaths had been attributed to illness at old age. 

The Facebook user, however, has since deleted her account, but not before the video was picked by other pages. 

The said home had reportedly been operating since 2016, and offers daily care and therapy for old folks. 

A relative of one of the residents lodged a police report after the circulation of the video clip. 

Meanwhile, Nicole Tan Lee Koon, the chairperson of the Women and Welfare Affairs Committee, has confirmed that she has visited the home and investigations are underway.

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