Dance with Madhuri

  • 08 Mar 2019

Madhuri Dixit's passion for dance started at the age of three when she was watching her older sister's dance lessons from the corner of the room. She developed a deep passion for Kathak and Indian classical dancing and won many competitions including a national prize. It was during one of these dance recitals that she was discovered by a producer and offered a role in Hindi cinema. The rest is history. 

For fans of Hindi cinema and dance, Madhuri Dixit-Nene needs no introduction. Her facial expressions during the dance are particularly considered as the standard by which all other performances are measured. We just discovered that the dancing diva has her own dancing app launched back in 2015, called ‘Dance with Madhuri’ and we couldn’t contain to share the good news.

Some of the features for the app is chargeable however the access to website is free for the users, which gives everyone a chance to learn, move and unite. This platform was built and nurtured as a lifelong dream of Madhuri Dixit - Nene, to teach the world to dance and synchronize everyone's step while bringing together people from around the world.
You can get a sneak peek of Dance Performances, preview lesson on her YouTube channel and we feel this will be handy especially to the would-be brides and grooms with their families whose looking for ideas for a great wedding dance performance 😉


Being 51, we must say that time stood still for Madhuri Dixit as she dances her way through life looking young, beautiful and vibrant as ever.

This video is proof:

Photo Credit:, Dance with Madhuri Youtube

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