Ishqbaaz Redux

  • 31 Jan 2019

Ishqbaaz has been successfully running for 2 years now. After two years of Ishqbaazi, the show will pull off an overnight REDUX, which the viewers will experience on Thursday’s episode. So, what are new changes this Redux will bring to the storyline? We’ve got your questions answered right below 😉

What is the Redux About?

Well, Ishqbaaz makers have decided to give a special treat to its audience by showcasing the love story of the leads once again. The Ishqbaaz favorite couple Shivaay-Anika (Nakuul Mehta-Surbhi Chandna) will part ways, and the story will begin with them meeting again.

Talking about this innovation and treat to fans, producer Gul Khan told Indian Express, “We will take viewers to the day when Shivaay and Anika first met. And what if this time, they don’t see each other. Will they fight destiny and fall in love all over again?”

How Different Are Anika & Shivaay’s Characters in The Revamped Version?

While talking to Pinkvilla, the writer reveals, "The spirit of their original characters, their takkar, and tadi (confrontations and fights) are still there. Anika's spirit of being khikithod (stubborn) has not gone anywhere but it is just that her stakes are little higher in life this time, now she chooses when she must give it back. Earlier, Anika got involved in Shivaay's life too much once they met but this is a story of a man and a woman, there is more pain in their lives. And that is what will attract them to each other."
The writer was quoted by the entertainment portal as saying, "We have tried to give them a new love story. I think that is the best gift we could give them (on their 2 years anniversary). There is going to be a lot of romance but this time the chemistry will be different. Because we don't want to repeat the same thing. This time, the attraction will be of a different kind followed by lots of drama and lots of surprises."

The redux promo only increases our curiosity:


Find out if Shivaay and Anika reunite and survive this twist of fate by tuning in to Tara HD every Mon-Fri at 7pm.

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