Bigg Boss 3rd Week Highlights

  • 02 Jan 2019

Bigg Boss is now in its third week on Tara HD. Over days 15 and 16, the relationship between the doubles was put to test over a task. Bigg Boss gave them a task for nominations wherein one member from each jodi will be kidnapped and the singles will make the Jodi sacrifice something to stay safe.

It all started when Dipika Kakar kidnapped Anup Jalota as part of a task and demanded his partner Jasleen to sacrifice her makeup, clothes and her hair as ransom. Anup Jalota was taken aback when Jasleen refused to part with her things and chop her hair to shoulder-length, which resulted them to be nominated for eviction during the upcoming weekend.
Anup Jalota expressed his disappointment in Jasleen to Sreesanth and Surbhi, where he was seen saying that he didn’t think Jasleen will pick to save her clothes over him. He said the task made him realise a lot of things. Sreesanth tried making Anup understand by telling him that he can't end a three-year relationship for one task.

When Jasleen tried to talk it out with Anup, he tells her that he is firm on his decision as he is really hurt and no one can change it. She pleads for him to reconsider his decision.
Meanwhile, on the outside world, Jasleen’s parents are distraught upon learning their daughter relationship with Anup. The revelation has come as a huge shock for Jasleen's father who was quoted saying "I am hurt and I would never accept their relationship. We were told that they were going inside as guru-shishya Jodi. I was shocked and was surprised when she spoke about being in a relationship with him for the past 3 years. I am getting calls from my relatives who are asking me if the news is true. They are telling me how did I allow her to have an affair with him. Woh bolte hain humari beti hoti toh hum kaat ke phek dete (had Jasleen been their daughter they would have killed her). But I don't think I have the right to do that. I will never do that to my daughter. I know she has done a mistake and I pray to God that she changes her decision after coming out of the house," shared Kesar Matharu. 

It will be interesting to see if their relationship will be able to sail through this tough time. Tune in at 10pm tonight to Tara HD to find out! 😉

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