Ratchasan: World Television Premiere on Deepavali Only on Astro Vellithirai

  • 05 Nov 2018

A girl is found murdered in an awful manner and Vishnu finds out that it could be linked to an earlier case. The director doesn’t hold back when it comes to ferocity. His use of editing and music to make us feel the fierce on screen. 

Ratsasan is a competent thriller for the most part. There is a tension to the storytelling, especially until the intermission, that keeps us hooked. According to the director, the character in the story is based on a real person. He mentioned that this movie will create an awareness among teenagers to stay alert at all times. Many scenes are well picturised, the act in which Vishnu enters the school and advises the girl who is the next target without alarming her was well portrayed.

The climax sequences that combine magical deception with action is choreographed in a highly thrilling manner. To note, film reviews on social media has high regard for this movie.
Stay tuned to Astro Vellithirai to witness Ratchasan this Deepavali at 9:00pm. The film will definitely engage you to a sensational climax.