Mugen Rao MGR: I Was On The Verge Of Giving Up, But Glad That I Didn’t!

  • 02 Apr 2018

Life was never easy for me. I had suffered, cried and was on the verge of giving up!

My life journey started in Serdang, Selangor. I was blessed with a very supportive and loving parent and I was the eldest amongst my siblings -  a younger brother and a sister.

Even though I tend to get involved in lots of trouble during my school days, yet I changed myself so that I can set a good example for my siblings.

My dad is the person who cultivated my interest in music. He was a stage performer who was very much into music; and my mom, on the other hand, can sing well, but only at home.

I started stage performances when I was just 9 years old! My dad used to bring both me and my brother to perform on stage and by the time I was 12 years old, I have completed over 50 stage performances. Being in the industry since small, it was a dream for me to prove and create an identity for myself in the field of entertainment.

Thankfully, my parents fully supported my interest in music and encouraged me to keep on trying no matter what.

Right after that, opportunity came knocking my door when my uncle Satish Rao offered me a role in a Malay show dubbed Senandung Malam. It was a simple role – I bagged the role of a paperboy. However, it was just a stepping stone for me to and I've acted in several Malay shows after that which also includes Gerak Khas.

By the time I was 16 years old, I knew that music is my life and I need to start doing something to succeed. Since I was involved in this industry for years, I had a huge passion to be a lyricist and a singer.

Back then, I was known as Mugen El Rey! I teamed up with my schoolmate Anusha Asha, and we formed the group ‘Random Crownz’ and started working on our first project - Kathaley Kannir.

To get enough support and guidance, we approached IBP Studios and was further encouraged and motivated by Edvin Anand, also known as Coruz Hooks. We also had a manager, Pravin, who helped us a lot to succeed. Kathaley Kannir went viral and became a super hit, and we got a great response for it.

Following that, I had to go solo as others had their own commitments and Edvin became my manager. Even though I worked on a few projects, yet nothing became popular after Kathaley Kannir. I was on the verge of giving up!

Motivated by brother Edvin, I continued my journey despite my ups and downs. One fine day when I was riding my bike, a lyric struck my mind. I immediately recorded the song and completed the song on the same day!

The song was titled Kayalvizhi and it took almost 2 years to release the song together with the music video. And moving forward, I also acted in Anbey Aruyire. Both became famous in Malaysia, India and in several other countries. Recently, I have also released another song titled 'Pogiren' featuring Prashan Sean. 

During my struggle in the industry, I realized that being recognized is the most important part of succeeding. I give all out and struggled for years and my effort, the support of my family, fans and a few individuals have made me who I am today!

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me, ‘thappu thappa padathey’. I’m glad I listened to him and improved because that was the beginning of my musical journey.

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