5 Flowers that are important to Hindus and its meaning

5 Flowers that are important to Hindus and its meaning


    Flowers play a symbolic role in Hinduism. During a prayer, Hindus offer flowers to the deities as a sign of respect with the hope that they will be blessed with luck and prosperity. 

    Flower decorations are extremely important in Hindu weddings and any other social events. In a marriage ceremony, from start to finish, each step is incomplete without flowers. 

    As flowers are so important to Hindus, have you ever wondered why certain flowers are given more importance than others? Astro Ulagam did some research to find out the type of flowers used by Indians along with its meaning. 


    Jasmine has been mentioned in Hindu scriptures since the time of the Vedas. It is used in worship to decorations in weddings, kholams, doorways, statues and even on photos. Jasmines are also used in making perfumes, incense sticks, tea and other recipes. 

    Many have claimed that jasmine is one of the favourite flowers of Lord Vishnu. The sweet smell is believed to calm your nerves and will help you to relax. 

    In Hindu weddings, the jasmine flower are often used as the bridal flower to symbolise a promise as a deep and everlasting love between the married coupled.  It also symbolises attachment, sensuality, modesty, grace and elegance. 


    Marigold is another flower famously used by Hindus as garlands for the Hindu god and goddesses. 

    The flower is seen as  a love charm and is widely used in weddings. Its unpleasant smell can actually prevent insects and pest. This is why it is used to decorate homes and weddings. In other cultures, the marigold represents passion and creativity.  


    The hibiscus is usually offered to Goddess Kali because it is the representation of Kali’s tongue.  The colour red that an hibiscus posses is symbolic to the fierceness within her. 

    Hibiscus is also offered to Lord Ganesha. The Ganesh principle is believed to be present in the petals of a Hibiscus flower. This principle denotes that its petals has the ability to emit divine consciousness.  

    Overall, the red hibiscus is supposed to bring wealth into your life and destroy your enemies. 


    The lotus flower  symbolises beauty and purity. Goddess Lakshmi sits on a red Lotus and Saraswati sits on a white lotus. This flower is also associated with Lord Brahma.

    This aquatic flower is rooted in the mud but floats on water without becoming muddy. In Hinduism,this shows how one should live in this world without attachment to their surrounding.  Additionally, it represents triumph, fertility and wealth, therefore, it was chosen as India’s national flower. 


    In many parts of the world, the rose represents love and affection. In India, it is used in worship and for its medicinal values. 

    Rose petals are usually sprinkled on a newlywed’s bed.  Its sensual smell is believed to create romance between the couple.  Rose has also been proven to make a person more emotionally available. 

    Picture Credit: Ali Baba, Flickr, temodesigns, usercontent2, weddingsonline